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Added on 06 August 2019

How to Delete AOL Email Hacked Account?

06 August 2019

The best thing about AOL mails are there different features, that made it more popular amongst users. But what if your AOL mail account got hacked? What will you do? Your account could be misused, etc. Do not get panic, we have all such solutions related to AOL mail issues. You always have a way to contact AOL Tech Support Number and take the best technical guidance.

Best way to remove AOL Email Hacked Account:

If your AOL account was hacked, and you want to Delete AOL Email Hacked Account, all you need to do first is reset your username and password for the account before you can make any other changes to it. Following are the simple step to reset your password:

1. Visit My Account on AOL “forgot password?”

2. Fill in the username and captcha, and move to the next.

3. On your registered mobile number you will receive an OTP to verify.

4. Then you will get a confirmation mail on your register email id >> select “Next” to send an email >> Click the link >> and Change your password.

5. Confirm the ownership of your account by answering your set security questions and providing personal data >> Select “Account Holder”, and type your first and last name in the box >> or select “Personal details” and type your birth date and zip code in the box >> Another option is choosing “Alternative Email” and type your alternate email address into the box >> Click Next.”

6. Type a new password of 6 to 16 characters at the password box >> Press “Tab” >> and verify it again >> Now click “Next” >> Click “Done” to finish the identification reset process.

Steps to Delete AOL Email Hacked Account:

1. Sign in with your username and password in your account.

2. Continue with answering the security question.

3. Scroll the screen and click on the red “X” to remove it and select “Delete” to confirm.

Remove Paid AOL account: If you're deleting your paid AOL account, you must first convert it to a free account and then remove the free account.

1. First, go to my account >> and sign in with your username and password.

2. Answered the security question >> and “Continue”.

3. Select “I already have a high-speed connection”.

4. Check your current paid membership information carefully >> and then select “Cancel my billing” at the bottom of the screen.

5. Checked the offer to switch to the confirmation page and choose low-cost plan >> Now Choose a reason to cancel your service >> select “Cancel My Billing” so your paid AOL account changed into a free account.

To remove your free AOL account, follow these simple steps: If you're removing your free account, you'll permanently lose access to the account and all email connected to the account.

1. First of all, go to my account >> and sign in with your username and password.

2. Answered the security question >> and click “Continue”.

3. Now Select I already have Plan of high-speed connection >> and then click on View Plans.

4. Now Review your current membership information >> and select “Cancel” bottom.

5. Read the notice about the cancellation effect of your AOL membership >> then select a reason to cancel >> and then click “Cancel AOL” to permanently Delete AOL Email Account.

 To Know How to Delete AOL Emal Account

If you want to take an optimum solution through the best technicians within the least time, you can contact AOL Tech Support Number, and find the best solution to Delete AOL Email Hacked Account in the least possible with simple steps. Our AOL tech support team is 24/7 available to help you whenever you need it.

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