Added on 04 July 2019

    Best Catering Services In Chennai - Wedding Catering Services

    04 July 2019

    Spice up your wedding with dedicated cuisines and get famous veg catering services in Chennai. Making every single celebration extraordinary and each occasion outstanding.

    As the food is an essential and primary part of any celebration. NammaVeettuKalyanam caterers well maintained and we offer a wide range of cuisines, premium catering services ensure a tasty food at an affordable rate.

    Veg caterers in Chennai for every occasion such as weddings, birthday parties, engagement, kitty party, corporate functions, outdoor catering, theme parties, and more. Get the best quotes from famous caterers near you.

    Top rated caterer for your parties, Premium food quality, Take a food trial now. Budget-Friendly Menu, Amazing customer reviews.

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    Email: [email protected]

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