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Added on 24 September 2019

Hard Tag and Soft Tags

Hard Tag and Soft Tags are the two types of security tags that are used by the stores, shops, and merchants for electronic article surveillance and protect their products from being theft or from shoplifting.

Hard Tags

Hard tags are another form of security labels; these are protectively more secure as compared to paper labels. Hard tags are specifically designed to detect a wide range of high-theft levels. Samatic hard tags are used as an anti-theft system, and it offers merchants an advanced approach to preserve products from inaugurating merchandise with assurance. The hard tags that we offer avails you with:

  • Extraordinary detection performance, ease of use, and stability
  • Powerful visual impediments for shoplifters and thefts
  • Innovative alternatives, incorporating profit denial, fragile, and footwear certainty

Hard Tags are a good, safe, secure, and highly reliable anti-theft solution. They are simple to implement, with excellent achievement, and are recyclable. The hugely popular hard tags comprise of a pin to ensure the tag to the item and the hard tag itself.

Possibly, a string in varying lengths can be utilized when a pin is exceeding contrary to manage. Such as, on footwear, a hard tag with string is more comfortable to implement as compared to a pin. However, there are likewise different hard tags like bottle tags.

Soft Tags

Soft tags are somewhat like bar codes in the form of security labels that are attached to the items and products in a shopping mall. Soft Tags identify theft by buzzing alarm system. These labels attached with the products for security purpose are deactivated at the time of checkout through an AM deactivator, this only happens if you have paid for the product; 

otherwise, a sound alarm starts ringing.

Soft tags are utilized with acoustic-magnetic arrangements; they are made of a substance that can be transformed into vibration from the magnetic force. This turns them re-magnetized, and a signal is transferred to the antenna. This results in inducing the alarm.

  • Ensures the security of your products
  • Distinguishes the products whose amount is paid from the unpaid one
  • They assuredly deter shoplifting
  • Used for electronic article surveillance

We, as a leading security solution and service provider, are in the business for over a decade. Since the day of our inception, we have catered hundreds of clients with our EAS Soft Tags security system. We have a wide range of soft tags with varying configuration, security standards, and paper quality. You can choose any of them as per your needs and pocket compatibility.


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