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    Added on 11 February 2021
    Start PrEP medication and get complete PrEP care at home.

    #PrEP is a medically approved course or treatment that protects you against #HIV infection transmission in your body. In other words, we can say it will help to reduce the risk of HIV. If in the last 6 months you shared a needle with HIV positive person or inter-course with an unknown person and now you are worried about fear of HIV then PrEP will help you to protect from this infection. Today #Truvada is the only medication that is approved by a doctor/scientist for PrEP care. So if you are looking for a #medical #pharmacy or clinic that can prescribe you PrEP and its related consultation then come to Algo medical pharmacy. We are providing our health-related services in Canada for a long time under the govt guidelines. Our physicians are available offline as well as online. So if you are unable to visit our clinic then you may get a consultation and start your treatment using our PrEP care app. You can book your appointment anytime from anywhere and get complete prep consultation and care at home. If you have any queries just call at +1 905-564-8600. We will happy to assist you. https://algoapp.ca/use-algo-medical-app-prep-care


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