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Added on 14 March 2019

Does Content of Blog has Anything to Do with the Site’s Traffic

14 March 2019

Do you find yourself clueless before writing the blog for your site? Undoubtedly, creating compelling content without compromising the readability is no easy task. And, if you are blank about the impact it has on the site’s traffic, you will never understand the credibility of quality content. The answer is obvious; it is a key factor in ranking factors. Google is constantly making efforts to enhance the search results and user experience which means providing more quality and informative content will be beneficial to searchers. In this article, we will walk you through more benefits of blog creation, take a look:

You can target your blog to content sharing department 

It is not only about sharing content over different social media platforms, but you can enjoy its advantage that is more competitive if you go for smaller platforms as these sites often have active audiences and thus, you will likely to have little competition for grabbing attention. Mere sharing your content over different platforms is not only boost the visitor’s time on your blog but it also targets those audiences who love to share which ultimately, increase the visibility of your site. In order to create maximum visibility of your site, contact one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi.

Can get quality back links by quality content

Why one would link to your site? This is the one question which must be asked before going for any of the tricks. Neglecting the quality of content can be the biggest mistake for your business as it helps to getting the quality backlinks. People will link to your site because they find quality in your content. And, quality backlinks has been touted for long as a key factor to rank in search engines.

Content contributes to the ‘’search task’’

Google will going to rank website according to the true purpose it solves through its content. A user should be able to find what he/she exactly looking for when he/she uses the Google search engines. Google is working on an algorithm that will detect if people will find the exact information they need on your link and if have already made your website in that way, you will gradually improve in search result and if no, your ranking will start deteriorating.

Summing up


While you are using different types of content can help to engage reader, it is also important to increase conversion and ramp up your site’s traffic. You can do both by creating quality content which not only grab the eyeballs but increase the leadership factor within you. Perfectly said, don’t be afraid to do experiments, you never know whether something might work or not if you don’t attempt. Needless to say that blogging is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website, so it is extremely important to strategies your content marketing. While doing that, you can hire the best Digital Marketing Service in Delhi and energize your website by including the best content in it.


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