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Added on 01 April 2020

5 Techniques Any E-commerce Platform Must Embrace | Techugo

01 April 2020

“The glut of never-ending advantages that electronic commerce provides is the major reason why traditional brick and mortar businesses are drawn towards it. But in the cutting edge competition, it is always very difficult for the emerging start-ups to establish their foothold. So here are a few techniques that would help anyone to rock the digital form of commerce. Watching the world grow from far is no fun, it is a must that you dive into the pool.”

The world is relishing the advancements caused because of technology. The evolution of e-commerce has brought convenience to users from all over the world. The internet has streamlined the complications that were clinging on to online shopping. Since a huge chunk of millennials values convenience, time, money, and quality, most of the purchases are now happening online.

For a traditional business, it is a signal to strengthen the business foundation and expand their roots. The only way to do so is by joining an e-commerce portal. Whether it is an app or a website, it is a must to connect with the wave of digitalization.

But before that check out the below-mentioned top 5 techniques, that brands must not neglect prior to their digital integration.      

1. An Immaculate App Or Website

Users long for a convenient, and accessible online store. And it doesn't matter which device they are using. To boost accessibility the features on the mobile device need to be greatly thought of. It is necessary for brands to ensure that the portal has a responsive design template.

Features need to be flexible enough for all the buyers, where time and place are not a constraint. Previously templates were not designed or structured to deliver flexibility for various screen sizes, popular these days. Responsive designing of an app or a website has taken over and has now become standard with both mobile websites and applications. 

E-commerce apps and websites need to run effectively on all devices with internet access.

2. Integration Of AR & VR

The integration of augmented reality and virtual reality is extremely rare to find. But its successful integration lets the brand to woo the masses. VR technology lets online shoppers to virtually try on the products. AR integration lets the buyers get a better shopping experience.


3. Super Fast Delivery

Research suggests that a lot of online shoppers are drawn towards the ability of quick delivery. It is one of the major aspects of completing the final check out process. Slow delivery brings no return. So giving the shoppers an estimated and quick delivery date leaves a positive impact on the buyers. One of the most popular reasons for shopping cart abandonment is the brand incapability of providing quick deliveries. 


4. Seamless Navigation

Not every online portal is user-friendly. The website or the application needs to be structured in such a way that it makes simple for the users to shop online. Simple search options and navigation are necessary for shopping from an online store.

Let's have a look at two features that boost the portal's navigation.

With the help of a QR code, the user can find a similar product, just by scanning the same from the good.

An object identifier lets the user get hold of the image of the product and then identify it on the portal.

5. Attractive & Clear Image

A picture is worth a thousand words, and e-commerce brands know that very well. The product images boost the users' interest in a way that can draw them closer to making a purchase. And if ignored, it can also push them away.

These are the five techniques that let any budding start-up to build a strong foundation in the e-commerce world. If you have any kind of confusion regarding any point then reach out to us. Feel free to share your views regarding the integration of brick and mortar business to an e-commerce app or website. But until then stay tuned to this space for more information.          

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