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    Added on 22 July 2019

    Why should you opt to uninstall Windows 10?

    22 July 2019

    It’s been two and a half years when the software giant “Microsoft” launched its latest operating system Windows 10. Ever since, it has offended several expectations of millions of users who eyed for this operating system long before it was planned.

    Although, its market share has escalated at a limited pace throughout that time but regretfully, it never lived up to its promises of being an error-free OS for users. As a result, many users who either despise Windows 10 or ran into errors, are now opting to uninstall the program as it severely compromising the speed and accuracy of their devices.

    Top 6 reasons that can force you uninstall Windows 10

    Before we discuss how the successful journey of Windows 10 came to a disappointing end, let us look into the downsides of Windows 10, and address compatibility issues of its latest version.

    1. You can’t upgrade your system from Windows 7 or 8
    2. You can’t upgrade to the latest windows 10 version
    3. It gives you less free space than its predecessors
    4. Windows update doesn’t work as expected
    5. Turn off forced updates
    6. Turn off unnecessary notifications

    Save your data before you uninstall windows 10

    Blowing up your Operating system could cause serious damage to your existing data. So, make sure to transfer or copy all your data to some other location before you click to “Uninstall”. USB drives are the most preferred option to save your data; other options include external and secondary hard drives.  

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    Reasons for users are opting to search for ways on how to uninstall the windows 10

    There have been many reasons due to which error messages would possibly appear while installing and updating Windows 10 on your PC. It may lead you to opt to uninstall Windows 10. While common errors can be easily detected and fixed by following a few steps on your own whereas others could cause you a lot of pain and stress while dealing with them.

    How to tackle “something happened error”?

    Windows 10 upgrade error would show up a message “Something happened”. This error is generally referred as “Something Happened Error” by tech experts. In this case, you can follow any of the listed options to rectify the error.

    • Unplug unnecessary device
    • Disable Security System
    • Disable Unnecessary Start up program
    • Trouble faulty RAM
    • Disable secondary storage devices

    Before searching some specific error code, you should check and try the listed error codes in general repairs.

    • Remove external hardware
    • Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter
    • Update Windows
    • Uninstall non-Microsoft antivirus software
    • Uninstall nonessential software
    • Free up disk space    

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