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    SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.
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    Added on 10 January

    How to Create Bulk Links for Your Website Using VPS with Pre-installed SEO Tools

    10 January

    What is SEO and why is it important

    Without proper SEO optimizations, your website will perform poorly regardless of how well built it is. SEO is the lever that amplifies the volume of inflow traffic to your site using an understanding of how search results are ranked by a search engine. Broken down into several categories such as backlinks, keywords and headings, SEO optimizations can be costly, time consuming and require several tools.

    With more businesses being launched online and several websites being created every day, SEO optimization tool companies flourish since nearly every business requires optimizations of some sort. There are several tools available from multiple companies that can be downloaded and installed on your computer.

    Using a VPS for SEO

    Unfortunately, SEO tools are often heavy and require a lot of resources to perform well. A powerful computer and a high-speed internet are some of the hardware equipment demanded by this complex software. In addition to that, some SEO tools such as those that monitor the backlinks to your website need to perform nonstop in order to be effective.

    All of this sounds expensive and difficult to accomplish if we resort to just buying the required components individually. Luckily, with the introduction of VPS, website owners are capable of more than just hosting their website remotely. Most VPS hosting providers offer high end equipment with fast connections that work without downtime. You could install your SEO optimization tools on a VPS for a certain subscription fee which would amount to many times less than having to buy your own components. An even faster and more convenient option are the many VPS providers that come with built in SEO tools. These preinstalled SEO tools often contain link building tools that will prove extremely useful and efficient since you wouldn’t have to make any separate purchases.

    What is link building?

    The term link building is used to describe the process of encouraging other pages to provide a reference link to your website. A large number of backlinks translates to an increased inflow of traffic since more people are likely to come across your website. This increases the search engine rankings of your website making it appear further towards the top results of a particular keyword search. It is necessary to increase the number of backlinks with time to maintain search engine rankings, and the links should come from topically relevant sources. It isn’t an easy task to link build manually since the process can be extremely time consuming.

    How to generate links in bulk

    There are plenty of SEO tools that work to encourage other websites to provide referral links to your page. This software are capable of providing opportunities to create backlinks in bulk for your website in a short period of time. Link building tools can increase your audience size and improve your domain authority. Some effective ways they help are:

    • Reverse engineering certain website backlink profiles to identify opportunities to link build.
    • Searching the web for relevant email addresses
    • Automating blog commenting at scale
    • Monitoring and alerting whenever someone mentions you online, giving you the opportunity to connect with them
    • Searching the web for link building opportunities, targeting blog posts and other places which covers similar topics.

    With the ability to build links in bulk, your website would gain far more traffic than a manual link building campaign. SEO link building tools are being revolutionized every single day, with new tools with various new features being released into the market regularly. However, many of these tools need to operate around the clock for the best results, since link building is not a one time process. This is where a VPS will come in handy. Subscribing to a SEO VPS will provide you with plenty of preinstalled link building tools that operate around the clock to ensure that the SEO of your website is in peak condition. Often, there are multiple tools to aid you in your SEO campaigns excluding just link building tools.

    How does VPS hosting impact SEO

    There are several criteria that decide the ranking of a website on a search engine. Search engines such as Google consider factors such as uptime, operating smoothness and overall security when ranking search results. Websites that hit all the tick boxes gain a large boost in rank, often appearing at the top. SEO optimization tools only do half the job since your website’s performance is equally as important in bringing traffic.

    The use of a VPS to host your website provides a great boost to your overall SEO rankings (Read This: How Does VPS Hosting Impact Your SEO?). A reputable VPS provider will ensure that there is close to 100% uptime and great security. A VPS subscription is inexpensive when compared to buying all the equipment needed individually, since a VPS often comes with a powerful processor and great memory storage. Some other ways using a VPS impacts your SEO:

    Using a VPS will provide you with root access. Root access issues full access and control of your server with complete authority, allowing you to tune every detail of your website to your desire and install custom security software if needed. This will, in turn, boost your SEO since Google and other search engines favor reliability and security.

    VPS hosting providers guarantee high speed connections and powerful gear, which will decrease your website loading speed. A slow loading website which takes several seconds to navigate through is often frustrating and makes it less likely anyone would want to visit your website a second time. Search engines rank fast loading and smooth websites much higher in search results.


    • Do I need to use SEO tools?

    Without proper SEO optimizations, your website would not reach its target audience and most likely continue to rank at the bottom of search results. It is worth investing in SEO optimization tools to increase your inbound traffic.

    • Is link building important?

    Link building is necessary to rank better in search results. A higher number of backlinks also means that more people will come across your website through reference. There are several SEO optimizations tools that help with link building

    • Should I use a VPS to improve my SEO?

    Since a VPS is often fast, secure and has guaranteed uptime, it is recommended to use a VPS to rank better in search results. This is true because search engines favor faster and reliable websites, which translates to a massive SEO boost.

    • What kind of VPS best suits my purpose?

    There are several VPS providers that provide built in, preinstalled SEO tools to subscribers. This appears convenient and often cheaper than having to install SEO tools manually on a VPS.

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