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    Describe all features as accurately as possible

    The one feature you want your users to love. Regardless of whether you want to program it yourself or hire a programmer. If it's your idea - www.domyhomework.club/ , you should know best how it looks like down to the last detail. What interfaces are there? Which controls can be used and what happens when they are executed?

    Depending on the scope, it is already decided here whether you have to work with a modular system or an individual solution - php homework help . The rule for this is simple: Do some research on the Internet: Is there already similar software that contains your basic functionality? If so, there will probably be a modular system for it.

    Is your idea really so unique that there is nothing comparable? Then you can be 95% sure that you will need custom development. You can try simplified systems, but you will quickly reach the limits of what is possible. Switching after that can be time consuming and costly. However, it is important to be able to describe your granny functions, especially if you have no programming experience.

    Nobody will do your work

    If you've already dabbled a bit, you'll quickly realize that the story can get quite complex - english home work help . It's the nature of our brains to look for shortcuts. And when programming seems so complex, it stands to reason that you'd rather quickly find someone who already knows programming. Then you don't have to deal with the programming yourself and in no time the software is ready! Just find a programmer in a forum or a group and you are ready to go.

    The whole thing starts with something like: "Hey guys, I have a MEGA idea for (insert your software idea) but unfortunately I don't know how to program. Can someone help me to program it?". With such sentences you won't make friends and you won't find a serious programmer. In the worst case you will be banned and kicked out. What happened here? Such requests come so often that programmers are simply annoyed by them. With such requests, a programmer immediately notices how much thought you have already put into your idea. It is more likely that someone will help you if you have already completed point 1 and point 2 and it is about technical trifles or questions.

    So before you go into the groups and ask people to do something for you, you should have already thought about it and know what you are talking about. Only then you have a chance to be taken seriously.

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