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Hello! My name is Rosie and I'm an educational writer. Also eCommerce is my passion.
  • London, UK
Added on 15 December 2021
Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for e-commerce. It comes with unique features that instantly capture the attention of followers around the world. It has the potential to earn you decent revenue without extensive capital. It is especially a perfect platform for students with entrepreneurial minds to start and grow their businesses.
Growing Instagram e-commerce requires little effort. A little effort will make a huge difference when growing your numbers and causing people to buy your products. Here are excellent ideas by https://dissertationteam.com/ on how to grow your e-commerce business on Instagram especially when working in the education sector.
Choose the best niche
The education sector is wide. It caters to students, parents, teachers, and investors, among other stakeholders. Even the students are divided into categories based on their grades. It is impossible to cater to the needs of every stakeholder. For this reason, you must choose a very specific education niche.
The niche is informed by several factors including your passion and the potential to gain profitable traffic. Because e-commerce takes time to generate revenue, you must choose a niche that you can push until it generates your desired revenue and attention. Research on what other people are doing in education to help you make a better decision.
Develop quality content
Instagram uses images as content. You must, therefore, develop quality images and graphics for the education sector. Use high-quality cameras and obtain relevant images based on the subject of discussion.
Quality content is engaging. People will tap on your images, comment, and share with their friends. It is also inviting because the followers know that they can expect interesting discussions on your page. Use such content to capture and sustain the attention of your followers. It gives them a reason to camp on your wall.

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