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    Landscape Company in Fort Worth TX – Own a Private Terrace Garden

    08 April 2019

    For those urbanities that want to grow fresh vegetables in their garden but are dearth of space, the best solution is organic terrace garden. Relating to plants is not new for human beings as we have lived with them for centuries. It all depends on how we start. Here are some simple steps to get started with your terrace garden.

    Choose the right space: If your house is built as per construction guidelines, your house can take even the weight of a big terrace on the terrace. The entire terrace surface can be covered with soil to give an enriching experience. For those covering the terrace surface with soil, ensure the surface is waterproof to prevent ceiling leakage downstairs. If you go with pots there is no extra effort needed.

    Enrich the soil with nutrients: The nutrients help in plant growth. The right mix of nutrients in the soil like compost coir peat, vermicompost in equal quantities can enriched. Add compost weekly to maintain the nutrient level in the soil.


    For first timers: Your first step for gardening can start with a small pot. Begin with single vegetable plant and then move to other veggies. The tomatoes and chillies are easier and do not require much water and care. Be patient and it can yield desired results in a month.

    Things to consider: Watering the plants has to be regular. The terrace garden should have four to six hours of sunlight. In places of heavy sunlight, you can use shade or greenhouse effect for better results.

    One word of advice would be to use portable water and do Rain Water Harvesting to ensure the plants do not go dry in case of water scarcity. Engaging students in organic farming from young age can create awareness in the field. Terrace gardening is a boon for people who are running short of outdoor space.

    If you are wondering how to get started with terrace gardening, contact the right Landscape Company in Fort Worth TX. Do a complete research before choosing a good landscaper for guidance. 

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