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    Added on 24 July 2019

    How Companies Can Use Facebook Groups for Recruitment?

    24 July 2019

    The high volume of users presently on Facebook means that you are guaranteed to reach out to passive as well as active job seekers when you are hiring for positions which are open within your company. Therefore, Facebook recruiting has become something common among HR agencies of different organizations. What Exactly Is Facebook Recruiting?

    Facebook recruiting is a method of social recruitment which is a part of recruitment marketing. When people talk about Facebook recruiting, they usually think about posting job-related ads on the platform. This is something that most people do these days. However, Facebook recruiting isn’t only about posting job ads on Facebook. If you want to know how you can recruit candidates on Facebook, how to be different from others and draw the best talent, then you will need to create a strategic social recruitment plan of your own.

    Fortunately, Facebook is a very useful tool and has numerous options using which you can create a workable social recruitment strategy. There are numerous benefits of social recruiting and Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms among recruitment agencies Some of the biggest benefits of Facebook recruitment are discussed below.

    Facebook Is the Largest Talent Pool for Recruiters

    The major advantage of Facebook recruitment is its sheer size. Facebook, with more than 2.07 billion monthly active users, is the largest social networking site in the world. So, almost one-third of people in the world are on Facebook.  Some of your best candidates are available on Facebook. More people are likely to come across your job ads on Facebook ads in comparison to any other social networking platform.

    You Can Contact Active Job Seekers

    Another advantage of Facebook recruiting for companies that offer manpower services is that they can reach out to a big pool of active candidates. Finding suitable candidates is regarded as one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. Therefore, many HR professionals spend a lot of time in research to find out the best channels for tracking talent.

    You might expect to activate candidates would make use of LinkedIn to look for job opportunities and spend most of their time there; it isn’t the case. A study conducted by the Job Seeker Nation Study shows that active job seekers usually prefer Facebook in comparison to LinkedIn.

    You Can Draw the Attention of Passive Job Candidates

    Facebook recruiting offers recruiters an opportunity to reach out to passive candidates. Passive candidates are those candidates who are not actively looking for jobs but are willing to accept a better offer. A better offer doesn’t always mean more money. It can be education, more growth opportunities, flexible working hours, interesting projects to work on, etc.

    Facebook recruiting is a highly effective way to reach out to these people. By using social recruiting methods, you can create an impression among potential candidates that you are an employer who perfectly fits their professional preferences. Therefore, social recruiting is irreplaceable if you want to reach out to ideal candidates and make them consider opting for a new job in your company.

    Keep A Track of Clicks, Impressions, and Applications

    The goal of all your efforts related to recruitment is engagement. Instead of likes or shares, your efforts will be measured based on the total number of people who click on your link, and how many of such clicks turn into submitted applications. Even if you are filling positions quickly, extra applications will only enable you to create a more powerful talent pipeline. It is also a way through which you can track your efforts in employer branding and job advertising which you can track down possible problems in your recruitment funnel.

    Are you getting numerous impressions but are getting only a few clicks? It may signify that your ads themselves aren’t reaching out to the target audience you are targeting. Are you getting a high number of clicks but have a low rate of application? You may have to enhance the applicant experience to ensure that people don’t drop out from your funnel. Irrespective of what the results are, it is essential to keep a track of your efforts over a time period. This will help you to be adaptable in your recruitment efforts on Facebook.

    Keep Things Short And Sweet

    Though the image which is attached to your ad will be its central point, your copy matters a lot in projecting your company as a major employer and tempt candidates to apply for a job profile. Opt for an informal tone, if your workplace has a laidback atmosphere. Keep things brief. Use one or two sentences with a clear call to action is all that you need. In case you are advertising for a particular position, ensure that a link is included for directing your candidates to a landing page for that position.

    If your ad is of a general type, you can add a link to either the corporate careers page or your career page on Facebook. By doing so, you will be able to make sure that the applicants don’t drop out of the process as they are confused about how they should apply and what should be their next actions.

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