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    Added on 29 April 2020

    Do not touch the face to avoid corona

    The infection of the corona virus disease Kovid-19 is spread by exposure to the virus. Respiratory droplets that come out when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, infects another person, then that healthy person also gets an infection. SARS-CoV-2 is another way of spreading that, when the virus comes into contact with the hands of a healthy person and when that person touches the mouth, nose or eye with his infected hands, the novel corona virus reaches his body. is. However, you can avoid getting infected by this disease by not touching the mouth. So, let us know how many times a normal person touches the face with his hands and why it is important not to touch his face.

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    Why is it important not to touch the face?

    Actually, whenever we touch the face, mouth, nose and eyes with our hands, every time we carry many bacteria and viruses to the face with our hands. Your hands are the most important way for any bacteria, virus or corona virus to reach your face, mouth, nose or eyes from other infected places. Only by coming into contact with these bacteria, virus and corona virus, you suffer from infectious disease like flu, covid-19 etc. That is why in the current corona virus crisis, emphasis is being placed on frequent washing of hands, keeping personal hygiene and social distancing. But, with all these, you can reduce the risk of Kovid-19 infection by adopting a method of not touching your face.

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    Not touching the face: How many times do we touch our face in an hour?

    In a study conducted in 2008, 10 participants were studied in an office environment for 3 hours. Researchers found that, on average, they touched the face with their hands 16 times per hour. In addition, a study published in 2015 monitored 26 medical students at a university in Australia. The study found that he touched the mouth, nose and eyes with his hands about 23 times in an hour, which is the main source of virus in the body. Therefore we should stop touching the face. When we are doing office work, studies etc., many times we touch our feet, touch our hair and other surfaces like tables, chairs, glass, pens, laptops, mobile phones etc., on which many There may be bacteria, virus or corona virus and then we touch the face with these hands. Which makes us prone to getting infected.

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    Not touching the face: how to do this work?

    First of all, we should pay attention to hands and personal hygiene. The hands should be washed with soap and water every hour or at most once a day. Mash hands continuously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Wash hands, clean the areas between the thumb, wrist and fingers thoroughly. This will reduce the need to stop touching the face with hands. But, still a long time between washing hands, there is a high possibility of virus or bacteria in your hands. In such a situation you can learn not to touch the face in the following ways.

    Brain has to explain

    First of all you have to convince your mind that you do not have to touch the face. Since it is a habit, it is quite difficult to do this work. But, this practice can be changed with practice. You have to be alert and alert to see how many times you touch the face with your hands in an hour, when you start focusing on your activity, then this habit will automatically decrease and the face will not touch.

    Know the reason for touching your face

    Apart from this, every person also has his own personal reasons, which force him to touch the face. Eg- If a person puts on glasses, he repeatedly hands over the face or eyes to fix his glasses, or someone repeatedly touches the face to shap his beard or mustache. If you have a similar personal reason, then try to correct it by identifying it.

    Touch another limb

    This trick can be quite useful to stop touching the face. Whenever you feel like touching your face, you try to touch other parts of the body ie hands, feet, shoulders etc. This will change the habit of touching your face.

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    Fear will help

     Your emotions play a very important role in starting or stopping anything. Therefore, you should understand that to avoid coronavirus disease Kovid-19, you have to stop touching the face. This fear will help you to a great extent.


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