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    Added on 23 April 2020

    Coxsackievirus Incubation Period, Symptoms, Treatment & Rash

    Coxsackie virus Entero virus (which includes polio virus and hepatitis A virus) is a family virus found in the digestive system of humans. The infection caused by coxsackie virus is called coxsackie virus infection and the virus can easily spread from one person to another, especially when exposed to dirty hands and contaminated impact.

    In most cases, a coxsackie virus infection causes common flu-like symptoms and is cured without treatment, but in some cases it becomes a serious infection. In about 90 percent of Coxsackie virus infections, the patient has fever only.

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    What are the types of Coxsackie virus?

    Coxsackie viruses are of two types that usually make the newborn and children sick. Types A and B are the most common. Type A viruses cause herpesangina (sore sores) in children and hand, foot and mouth disease. The child gets sore blisters and small sores under the palm and feet. It usually recovers on its own, but if the child is not eating properly due to pain, complications may arise.

    Hand, foot and mouth disease is most common in coxsackie virus infections, so to reduce the risk of the disease in the child, wash his or her hands periodically and keep them away from anyone with coxsackie virus infection. To prevent this, teach children to take care of hygiene.

    Type B fever may cause muscle cramps in the chest and abdomen. Subtype viruses of Group O and B can cause more severe symptoms.

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    Symptoms of coxsackie virus infection

    Coxsackie virus infection can cause different symptoms in children. About half of the children show no signs of infection, while some suddenly have high fever, headache, muscle aches, sore throats, abdominal discomfort and nausea. A child with a coxsackie virus infection may usually feel warm, but show no symptoms. Many children have fever for 3 days, after which it recovers on its own.

    Is Coxsackie virus infection contagious?

    Coxsackie virus infection is very contagious. It is spread from one person to another by a surface infected with smelly hands and feces. Also, when an infected cough or nose is pierced, the droplets which are released from the mouth / nose are spread in other liquid air, which also causes infection. Newborns and children under 5 years of age have a higher risk of coxsackie virus infection. The virus can spread easily in groups such as schools, child care centers, summer camps, etc. In the first week of getting sick, the patient is more contagious, ie it can rapidly infect others.

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    In how many days does coxsackie virus infection heal?

    The time to recover for coxsackie virus infection varies from patient to patient. Children who have only fever can recover within 24 hours, although on average fever is cured within 3 days. In the case of hand, foot and mouth disease, it is cured within 2 to 3 days. Viral meningitis takes 3 to 7 days to recover.

    The diagnosis

    How is Coxsackie virus infection diagnosed?

    The doctor examines the child by physical examination to check for signs of enterovirus infection. If the doctor suspects that the child has hand, foot and mouth disease, the doctor examines the rash and mouth and throat lesions caused by the infection.

    The doctor examines samples of your throat, feces, or other parts of the body to confirm the diagnosis. Apart from this, blood and urine tests are also recommended, which shows the presence of entero virus. The doctor may recommend lumbar puncture if meningitis is suspected. In other cases, chest X-rays or electrocardiograms may also be done.

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    How is Coxsackie virus infection treated?

    Depending on the type and symptoms of coxsackie virus infection, the doctor may prescribe the medicine to the child. Antibiotics are not given in this, as it only helps in fighting bacteria and not viruses.

    Acetaminophen or ibuprofen may be given for minor pain. If the fever does not subside after 24 hours or if the child shows any serious symptoms of coxsackie infection, go to the doctor immediately.

    Most children infected with coxsackie virus infection self-heal within a few days without any treatment. Children who have only fever and do not see other symptoms, they get cured by giving them rest and giving them salty fluids.

    How to prevent coxsackie virus infection

    To protect children from coxsackie virus infection, take special care of hygiene-

    Keep washing hands well frequently, especially after coming from the restroom, after changing the baby's diaper and before feeding the baby something.

    Clean the place where the child sits or plays to make it germ free.

    If the child is a little older then teach him to maintain hygiene such as keeping his hands, fingers clean, do not put anything in the mouth.

    Keep the child away from an already infected person.


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