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    Added on 23 April 2020

    What to eat in dengue and what not

    Dengue prevention is important

    Dengue is spread in many states in India. In such a situation, doctors recommend patients to eat nutritious diet even after treatment. In such a situation, the question arises in the minds of people that what should be eaten in dengue, which can help them recover from this disease. Diet in dengue is very important that in such a situation, those things should be eaten, which can help you recover faster. There are some foods that dengue sufferers should eat, while some things should be avoided.

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    What to eat in dengue

    Spinach - Spinach is rich in vitamins, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients help in boosting the immune system and a better immune system also helps in faster recovery from infection. In such a situation, what to eat in dengue can also be a spinach.

    Pomegranate - The question often revolves around what to eat in dengue. In this case, pomegranate can also prove to be a good option. Pomegranate is the best source of iron. Therefore it helps in maintaining blood platelets. Falling blood platelets are caused by the dengue virus. It also helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. The patient may feel this during the illness.

    Coconut water - Dengue causes a lack of water in the body. Hence coconut water is considered the best option to keep the body hydrated. In coconut water, nutrients as well as electrolytes are also available in sufficient quantities. It helps the patient to recover faster.

    Orange - Orange is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is also high in fiber and is rich in vitamin C. The antioxidants present in it also help in benefiting the body.

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    Diet- All must eat green, lentils and roti in day and dinner.

    Apart from this, kiwi, dragon fruit and papaya also prove to be very beneficial in dengue.

    If you are suffering from dengue, do not take the following foods.

    Oily foods - During this time, oily food should be avoided. Choosing a light diet is the best option. Oily food contains too much fat, which can cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

    Caffeine-rich beverages- During this time the body needs fluids but, caffeinated beverages should not be consumed. These drinks can cause heart rate, fatigue, and muscle problems. This can hamper your recovery, so do not consume them.

    Spicy food - Spicy food should not be consumed at all by dengue patients. This can cause stomach acid problems. Sometimes eating too spicy can also result in ulcers. You can invite another disease because of spicy food while fighting one disease.

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    Need to know about dengue

    Dengue is a viral disease that is spread through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue mosquitoes usually bite during the day and breed in clean water. It thrives in conditions of heat and humidity. Dengue symptoms may appear 3 to 14 days after infection, with symptoms like fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, rashes, and back pain. Once the fever subsides, some people suffer from dengue hemorrhagic fever, DHF. DHF is a serious and fatal disease. Symptoms include abdominal pain, vomiting, bleeding, and low platelet count. In severe cases, a person may also have mental confusion, liver inflammation, and circulatory system failure. There is no dengue vaccine. Prevention of mosquito bites and breeding of the vector can only be prevented.

    Treatment of Dengue:

    Fenugreek leaves are beneficial:

    Fenugreek leaves are considered useful for the treatment of dengue. For this, boil a spoonful of dried fenugreek leaves in a glass of water. Now sieve the water and drink it like tea. Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties which are helpful in reducing fever.

    Goat's milk:

    Goat milk is considered as a boon for the treatment of dengue. In this fever, there is a rapid decrease in selenium and blood platelets in the body. Goat milk is very beneficial for its treatment. It fulfills selenium deficiency in the body and also increases platelets.

    Kiwi is also impressive:

    Nutrient-rich kiwi is rich in antioxidants. Minerals, iron and vitamins present in it improve immunity and plasma. It is also considered extremely useful for the treatment of dengue.


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