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    Added on 02 April 2019

    Top 5 Secrets For Better Sleep

    02 April 2019

    What makes us refreshed and feeling a bit better? What makes us rested and rejuvenated? It’s simple ~ getting a good night of sleep. And when you can’t sleep, the next day you can end up feeling pessimistic and having zero energy. Nobody can handle feeling like that for an extended period of time!

    Personally, I used to experience insomnia which continued to happen for quite a long time. My health suffered, as did my appearance. I noticed that I wasn't performing well at my job and anxiety started to take over my life.

    One day I started researching how to improve sleep and I stumbled upon the resource and website Sleeping Guide which helped me to understand my sleeping habits and improved my ability to get to sleep at night.

    I also found out that I had already picked the best items to have in my bedroom. I was pleased to discover that I had invested in the right mattress and supplies such as good quality essential oils that have helped me achieve a good night sleep.

    I would also encourage anyone to try out these 5 secrets for creating a better sleep routine which is my all-time favorite tricks.. they work great for me!

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    1. A Room That Smells and Looks Like a Meditation Nook

    I always loved rooms that remind me of a spa or meditation space. A room lined with pillows that look pleasant for everything – sleep, work, relaxing or hanging out and having guests. These rooms usually have a pleasant and relaxing scent and I enjoy recreating these aromas in my own bedroom.

    It can help to place some scented sticks or incense that release a nice relaxing smell like lavender before dozing off. Some nights I turn on my essential diffuser, add a few drops of essential oils, and sleep soundly throughout the night.

    2. More Nightly Action

    This tip may be obvious for those that have partners or who are in a relationship. These amorous connections are not just about pleasure – being intimate can help you to feel more connected within your body and increase a feeling of relaxation so that you can sleep more peacefully.  It also helps to have a good mattress and bedframe – you will sleep like a baby!

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    3. Easy On The Food Before Bedtime

    It is tempting to stay up late and watch movies. This means craving and having lots of snacks and soda or having a heavy dinner like mac and cheese (speaking from personal experience).

    I used to always enjoy a bowl of pasta before bedtime. Sometimes I even had a few glasses of wine. And sometimes I just ate a lot of sugary treats. Let me tell you, this is not the best to have just before trying to get some sleep!

    The secret to better sleep is not to have a full stomach, but to just have enough for digestion. So, replace all those big servings with small healthy snacks and a cup of tea or just water.

    4. Remove Stress by Any Means Possible

    Easier said than done, right? But, this is a must. Stress destroys health and surely stops you from sleeping. However, rather than reaching for sleeping medication, begin with the first trick I mentioned and make your room look pleasant and tidy.

    Next, get ready to meditate! Listen to some soft sounds like dolphin sounds or birds chirping, or maybe even some white noise. Alternately, listen to guided meditations and have a relaxing chamomile tea.

    I also enjoy listening to listen to motivational speeches for distressing. Those voices guide me to detach from my worries and focus on something else.

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    5. Alternative Methods For Getting Better Sleep

    If you continue to find it difficult to fall asleep or get a good night of sleep, you may want to check in with a health professional to find out what else might be happening for your health and well-being. It can be important to have helped if you're finding it difficult to cope on your own!

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