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Added on 07 September 2019

Is plank at all effective?

07 September 2019

Plank exercises help to strengthen the different body parts, especially the muscles of the legs as a result of which the body stability increases. This also helps to improve the balance if the body.


What is plank?


Plank is a typical type of exercise that helps to maintain the core strength of the body. It is a kind of push up that helps to keep the body posture and also helps to strengthen the muscles of the body. Planks are also known as an abdominal bridge, front hold, etc. This exercise pattern is used in yoga and also in palates. The planks are done in the position of push-ups. In this exercise, the entire body weight is distributed on the hands and the foot.

Planks Exercises

Benefits of doing planks exercises


There are various benefits if doing plank exercises regularly. They are as follows:


  1. Reduces the pain in the muscles - The planks help to reduce the pains that often occurs in the muscles due to various reasons. This exercise gradually helps to increase the functionality of the muscles and makes them durable.

  2. Enhances the core strength - The exercises slowly help to increase the core strength if the different body parts making the body ready to bear any physical and mental exertion.

  3. Improves body posture - The posture of the body can be easily achieved by doing this exercise. The different parts of the body are thereby improved with this exercise as it helps to remove the fats from the body.


Therefore, one should always focus on the fitness quotient of their body. This helps them work more efficiently both in their personal life and also professional experience.

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