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    Added on 04 March 2020

    5 Steps to Master Facebook PPC Ads in 2020

    04 March 2020

    For most marketers, social media platforms are the best spot to grab the attention of potential customers as well as the interested audience. According to the reports, social media is getting more common among the public since the plethora of fresh customers is joining social sites such as Facebook. In 2020, Facebook can be a great opportunity for online marketers to enhance brand presence and engagement, considering the fact it has over 2.26 billion active users. In case you are using organic methods to grow your business on Facebook, you might be getting less attention from the users.

    To overcome this, you will have to draw your eyes towards the social media marketing strategy of 2020. This includes the wise usage of Facebook PPC Ads to showcase your product and services to your potential customers. Here, you will be learning how to make the most out of the Facebook PPC ads. Don’t worry; you can begin with a small outlay while using the PPC ads on Facebook, so you can get an idea about how it can boosts your business presence and sales effortlessly.
    Optimize Your Facebook PPC Ads Campaign: A Step by Step Strategy

    SOURCE: 5 Steps to Master Facebook PPC Ads in 2020 , Tireless IT Services

    Step 1: Tweak Your Sales Funnel
    Facebook ads are a bit tricky when compared to Google Ads. On Google Ads, aka Adwords, you know that your ads will be visible to those who search for your business keywords. On the other hand, you won’t be able to target Facebook PPC ads on a keyword basis since nobody searches for products and services on Facebook; instead, people are simply browsing with the intention of leisure. People on social networks never intend to buy your services and products; instead, they will use search engines like Google for that purpose.
    However, posting fresh and valuable content, promoting your products and services via PPC Ads will highlight your brand name. There can be a case in which some customers may show interest in your product that you are advertising through PPC ads and may even make a purchase. Again the chances are pretty low of getting revenue via Facebook ads. So how can Facebook marketing help you and your business?
    It will boost the engagement rate of your customers if used tactfully. So all you have to do is focus more on engagement rather than making instant sales-boosting campaigns. When you do this, customers will automatically lure towards your brand or business. The engagement targeted campaigns work best when a compelling promotion video is used in PPC ads.
    You should also select your targeted audience delicately while making a Facebook PPC ads campaign. Also, keep in mind, if your content that you are promoting to increase engagement is not that relevant and valuable for the audience, then your ads will be useless, and there will be poor engagement even with paid ads.
    Once your ad gets decent views like over 3000 or nearby, then you can create an additional conversion campaign to target the users who have seen your ad before. For even specific results, only target the customers in the conversion ad who have watched 25 % of your video clip in the ad.
    As a result, there are chances that your conversion rate will increase, and there will be more followers of your brand or business on Facebook.

    Step 2: Use Frequency Cap for Your PPC Ads
    You can effortlessly check how many times a user views your ads on Facebook via Ad Frequency. It is one of the essential metrics to notice while reviewing the results. When you see a brand name multiple times, you may likely remember it more than the brand that you have heard about only one or two times. But what if an ad is shown to the same user too frequently? The user will simply get irritated with your ad and may even forget it later because you failed to impress your user.
    What can you do to fix it? Set a frequency cap for your ads so the users will see your ad only for the times you want. When your target audience gets completely penetrated with your ads, your campaign cost will start to enhance.
    In case the cost of ads increases way too rapidly, you should create a duplicate ad for the same campaign and then run the duplicate ad for the fresh targeted audience. By doing so, you can expect an intense growth in your online presence and brand awareness.

    Step 3: Find Out Best Performing Ad
    In the beginning, you have no idea about what trick will work for you, but as time goes, you can see which ads are giving you the best results and performance. Carefully study the metrics motioned in the ad review and determine the best ad. Once you know it, increase your bid a bit more on this one so that you can get even better results.

    Step 4: Tactfully Choose Your Ad Placement
    Placement matters the most when you are running a PPC ad on Facebook since there are frequent placement options like incorporating Instagram, Facebook page posts, Facebook Messenger ads, and Audience Network placements. It would be best if you determined what platforms are best for you; otherwise, your money can be wasted on useless platforms.

    Step 5: Choosing the Correct Bidding Option
    The right type of bidding can save a lot of your budget as well as increase your ROI. There are a few options to choose from, like cost per impressions, cost per click, cost per link clicks, cost of app installs, cost per engagement, and more.
    Now what you need to do is learn about all of these bidding and their propose. Then, you can use them smartly as per your business goal.

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