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    Added on 28 January 2020

    8 Best Social Media Marketing Methods

    Nowadays, every business (no matter how big or small) requires a proper social media representation and continuous activity. It became an essential part of marketing strategies for every Business.

    Social media platforms help everyone to connect with each other. Every business wants the audience reach to increase so they can inform them about the new products and services in an efficient manner, thus boosting the sales.

    All over the world, approximately 2.96 Billion people use these platforms (which will be over 3.09 Billion by Statista.com) on a regular basis. So no business can ignore this data (which is a reality.) So in case you are not using it, then you are leaving a chunk of the audience.

    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    SOURCE: 8 Best Social Media Marketing Methods , Tireless IT Services

    There can be no doubt that social media can be the best idea to promote your business with the right guidance and excellent representation. With a rise in competition, there is a requirement of Social media algorithms, which change the whole landscape of the platform. So, not only you have to be on Social Media, but you had to have proper social media content and marketing ideas to boost your Business’s social media campaigns in the desired direction.

    Before you start creating ideas, you have to know who is going to see that and how they can be attracted to it? These statics will help frame the idea of how it should be to target the specific audience of that online business campaign.

    1. A total of 42% of the population is fairly active in the platform of social media.
    2. 63% of those users want the customers to support through Social Media Channel.
    3. 95% of those are adults having following at least one brand or Business on these platforms.

    Creating unique ideas and content is not easy, but without proper social media marketing, that good content will go nowhere. Here are some tips which will be going to help you to promote your content.

    1. Be Specific About Your Goals

    There can’t be any strategy without any goals. So before doing anything else, you have to specify what you want to achieve. It will help you more if you write it down.

    You can follow these tricks to be specific with your goal:

    • Use numbers
    • Set the specific Deadline
    • Make measurable, relevant, attainable, and Time based targets.
    • Know Your Audience

    If you want to create a successful campaign, you had to have the data about the targeted audience. This data should cover the needs, desires, and behavior patterns. For that, you have to cover different journals, and studies are done about it, which will help understand the basic requirement of the campaign.

    To know your audience, you can use these methods:

    • Survey your audience.
    • Check out the demography
    • Take part in the conversation with other forums having the same audience.
    • Always respond to the comments and always take the feedback and analyze it.
    • Never Use Same Content for Every Social Media

    It is generally easier for businesses to post the same content on different platforms. You have to understand the fact if someone watches the same thing everywhere, it bores them. Take yourself as an example, if you see one post from your favorite company in one platform you get excited, you jump to other platform and see the same thing there it will not excite you, but if you see that same post on any other platform, you will feel bored with the product or company (not that post.)

    So try to be creative and post different content on a different platform.

    • Never Dare to Ignore Graphical and Video Content

    You have to accept that graphical and video content is the easiest way to provide information to customers. There are millions of hours of content on the internet, which is watched by people all the time. So to reach out to the right audience for that, you have to mention the problem and the solution you are providing in a small period. You can use making different content for a different audience, but you have to choose the platform with care.

    Never forget that the video and that graphic should have specific keywords pointing out that your product remedies the problem.

    • Try to Share Content Created by the Followers:

    When you provide the content generated by users on your platforms, then you get to know the perspective of users, and users feel that your business values their opinion and your organization try to work for them (users.)

    Even many surveys reveal that this kind of action leads to generate trust, which makes a profit in the long term.

    • Provide the Information

    It doesn’t matter what the organizational or personal goals are. You must tell the audience about your product on a regular basis. This way, you can’t hurt your product, but there is a chance that your product will be promoted by the users because everyone likes to tell the things. You have to make sure the method you use is simple and concise.

    • Use Storytelling Method to Promote

    When you go on a platform focusing only on the product, then the audience tends to bore no matter how good and effective your campaign is. So use the storytelling method where you can put the information about the product in that story without losing any attention of the listeners.

    • Increase Humanization

    Every one of us can jump in if there is a debate about AI and Robots and its comparison to humans. So, when you use this technique, you will notice that there is higher traffic in your campaign than usual, which leads to the profit ultimately.

    • You can use a human response in the comment section rather than the auto-generated one. You could use team members’ names while contacting users.
    • Use humor in your post (AI is still learning, and we humans can be proud of it for some more time.)
    • You can always use the chatbots for initiation and ending, but not where the user is complaining or providing some inputs.
    • You can also use influencer marketing, Creating your VPN, and taking advantage of influenced loyal customers to boost your campaign.

    Hariom Balhara is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for Tireless IT Services. Tireless IT Services is a digital marketing and web development company that comes with massive experiences.  We specialize in digital marketing, web design and development, graphic design, and a lot more.

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