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Added on 10 September 2019

Can’t install AOL Desktop Gold? Here is the fix!

AOL Desktop Gold is a specialized desktop software that has been designed to let AOL users experience the best of technology. With this, you can navigate in and around the AOL world seamlessly. At this single platform, you can browse, search, access your AOL mail, and do a lot more. Downloading and installing the software is a simple process that doesn’t require any expertise.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to avoid any problem that may interrupt the AOL Desktop Gold download or installation process. In this article, we have listed all those points that can help you install AOL Desktop Gold without a flaw. (These tips can also be referred if you have already tried installing the software but didn’t succeed.)

Check the required system specifications

Like any other software, AOL Desktop Gold also comes up with a set of requirements that your system should meet for the successful installation. These specifications include a minimum of 512 MB of ROM or free storage space, 1024 * 768 or higher screen resolution, 1GB RAM, and more. Check the same on the AOL Desktop Gold website before initiating the download process. Please note that this desktop software developed by AOL doesn’t work with any computer system with an operating system earlier than Windows 7.

Follow the stepwise procedure for downloading and installation

Make sure you follow the step-by-step instructions accurately for downloading and installing the software. The guidelines for downloading the AOL Desktop Gold for the AOL Advantage Plan Members and those who are already using its free or trial subscription are different. Therefore, choose the right instructions and implement them without making any mistake. To know more about the steps to download, install, and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold, contact the AOL customer support team.

Remove temporary and junk files

Temporary, junk and even the residual files (the leftovers after uninstalling any software or program from your device) may cause interruption during the Install AOL desktop gold or download process. Hence, delete them from your system completely. Once you do so, restart your device and then start the process to get the AOL Gold Desktop.

Turn off the antivirus or the Windows Firewall

It is quite common for an antivirus to abrupt the download or installation of any software on your system. So, stop it for a while, install the program, and then turn it on again.

For further assistance, contact the AOL support professionals.

  • +1-888-315-9712
  • Website
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    146 Los Angeles (USA), Los Angeles, California 90004, UNITED STATES


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