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    Added on 12 June 2019

    Most People Worries that My Roku Remote NOT working sometime Why ?

    12 June 2019

    Steps To be Followed : 

    Step One : Have a look at your Batteries: 

    • First and foremost is that, detach the batteries and then insert again
    • If the batteries still don't react positively, then replace those with new ones
    • And if it’s still not working, then you have to just procure a new remote

    Step Two:For Amplified Remotes: Reinstate your Roku remote

    • Without further delay, detach the batteries from your remote
    • Further, detach the power cable from your Roku player/stick and then reconnect power to the device after 5 seconds
    • And at the moment when Roku logo appears on the screen, fix the batteries in your remote

    Step Three : Overhaul the Roku remote

    Overhauling isn't a complete removal of the parts of your Roku remote. It's a series of steps done with the aim of remote and Roku player recognizing each other.

    The steps to achieve the sharp Roku TV remote not working  issue just read us follows;

    • At first try to detach the batteries from your remote.
    • Furthermore reconnect the power from your Roku device and then reinstate it after 5 seconds.

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