Sell more with your Online Catalog

With Zumvu Catalog Builder, you can easily promote your products or services, attract new clients and get more orders. Buyers will love your new interactive catalog at first glance thanks to intuitive search, direct product links, smooth navigation and mobile friendly interface.

Your 'ALL-IN-ONE' Catalog Solution

Find all the tools to create interactive e-catalogs, product brochures, fashion look-books, portfolios and other marketing material with Zumvu Catalog App
Display your Content under one internet address
No design/programming skills necessary
Amazing look across all platforms, devices and screens
Share or embed via web, social media, whatsapp or email
Ultimate marketing tool: call-to-action, SEO Friendly, etc
Seamless ecommerce integration

Digitize Your Product Catalog

Showcase your Products or Solutions in a modern and compelling way. Enhance the online viewing experience of your audience.
Customize the look of your catalog to sync it with your brand
You can add your company logo, cover image, and a short bio
Bring your content to life - add photos, galleries, videos, links
Users can browse through categories or use text search
Add a call-to-action with the link of collect leads
Add buy buttons and link your ecommerce platform

Share your catalog anywhere

Whether you want to generate leads, accelerate sales,
engage and onboard customers or streamline customer service.

Include links into email

just paste a direct link of your catalog instead of attaching heavy PDF files

Promote on Social Media

Share the publication via Facebook, Twitter and other popular networks


Link or embed it seamlessly on your webite to drive more attention

Messaging Apps

You can share the catalog link on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Direct Link

Send links to your publication and make them available anywhere

Easily share your calendar

via Facebook, Instagram, email or website

Single platform to market and sell your products
Update instantly and easily - no more out-of-date catalogs
Show up when customers search for you via search engines
Let your catalog become your Digital Sales Representative 24x7
Distribute information faster and save on printing and postage costs


Whether you want to generate leads, accelerate sales, engage and onboard customers or streamline customer service.

Marketing Machine

Whether you want to generate leads, accelerate sales, engage and onboard customers or streamline customer service.

Turn Your Catalog into a Marketing Machine

Zumvu has everything you need to create beautiful marketing materials that help you convert viewers into customers

Generate Leads

Use call-to-action buttons to collect leads or direct them to a link

Search Engine Friendly

In-built SEO to ensure that your publication is indexed by Google, making it easier for people to find your business

Instant Online Sales

Your product can be linked to your online store using the 'Buy' button – making it easy to purchase

More Catalog Features

Secured Cloud Hosting
Vanity URL
Buy Buttons
Intuitive Catalog Navigation
Access Control
Live Catalog with automatic linking
1-Click Sharing
Invite Email Contacts
Expand your network
Instant Messaging

How it Works

Build, Manage and Market your Catalog in just few simple steps


Display your products around your brand story


Enrich with photos, galleries, videos and links


Add call-to-action button, meta-tags for search engines

Publish and Share

Publish and share with your audience


Circulate your catalog - post it, tweet it, email or embed


Take a look at professional online catalogs made with Zumvu

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