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Calm Collectiv LLC is the most trusted publication in USA covering all the latest news for cannabis businesses including.
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Calm Collectiv LLC is the most trusted publication in USA covering all the latest news for cannabis businesses including new legislation, bill updates, marijuana news, cannabis edibles and marijuana side More
Added on 03 December 2019
Artificial intelligence is making a mark on the cannabis industry.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere you look: from self-driving cars to voice-activated home assistants, we welcome automation into our lives in more ways than one. We’ve also integrated artificial intelligence into new ways of doing business, using data as a powerful industry driver to more effectively use resources and keep costs low.

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#Health Effects of Marijuana


Added on 18 November 2019
🐶🐱🐭🐼 Is CBD right for your pet? We have some insights.

When we talk about CBD-based derivatives it’s often in relation to treating an array of chronic conditions. Now that the distinction between cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has entered common understanding, CBD is at the fore of a vibrant new kind of health and wellness. Many of these conditions — chronic pain, anxiety disorder, acne, even severe epilepsy — whose sufferers relied on pharmaceuticals to treat, have in recent years
Is CBD Right For Your Pet? - Calm Collectiv calmcollectiv.com When we talk about CBD-based derivatives it’s often in relation to treating an array of chronic conditions. Now that the distinction between cannabidiol (CBD)...

Added on 15 November 2019
Meditation and weed can be a powerful combination.

As meditation becomes increasingly popular as a way to manage stress, aid in mindfulness and increase happiness, people are beginning to notice its remarkable effects on the body and mind. From wellness to physiological, mediation is known to have positive effects that extend to every part of life. Coupling that with cannabis, meditation can help expand your mind and help your body manage stress and other physiological responses.

Meditation And Cannabis: Elevating Your Mind And Your Soul - Calm Collectiv calmcollectiv.com At Calm Collectiv, we try and look at every possible way you can combine cannabis into your daily lives. From understanding cannabis’ effect on your creativit...

Added on 24 October 2019
Happy 17th to all the Calm Collectiv!

Happy 17th to all the Calm Collectiv! One year of legalization brings about new opportunities and more ways to enjoy.

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Added on 18 October 2019
It’s time we address this controversial topic head on. Is there a link between cannabis and video game performance?

For many gamers, there’s no more relaxing, immersive, and enjoyable way to spend an evening than staying home with a joint or two and a good game. Videogames and cannabis are a match made in heaven, but that’s hardly news – videogames are designed to fascinate, and cannabis makes things extra fascinating, so it makes intuitive sense. But what is it, exactly,

Added on 03 October 2019
Being high in public can sometimes be a taxing endeavour🙀. We’ve put together a small guide to help you through these troubling times. Link in bio!

How To Be High In Public. A Beginner's Guide. - Calm Collectiv calmcollectiv.com Cannabis is now legal across Canada, but the laws regarding where it can be used vary by province, and are dictated by layers of federal, provincial, and munici...

Added on 17 September 2019
Cannabis can boost divergent thinking, alter senses and perceptions, heighten imagination, and (for some users more than others) increase creativity. These effects make sitting around and watching cartoons more interesting, but they’re going to waste if that’s all you do. So, how do you make the most out of a high?

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Added on 02 September 2019
May your weekend be filled with pools, donuts, pool floaties that look like donuts, and sprinkles. Lot’s of sprinkles. 🍩🍩🍩🍩 Want to make your own fun? We’ve got a crash course on #edibles and some damn good recipes. Learn more on our website.


Added on 12 August 2019
Is there a connection between cannabis and creativity? We thinks yes.

Cannabis affects the body and mind in a complex way, and science is still working on unraveling all of its mechanisms. Pay attention to your body and consume conscientiously, and perhaps you can use it to unlock your true creative potential.

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#latest medical marijuana news

Cannabis and Creativity - Calm Collectiv calmcollectiv.com For many musicians, writers, and artists of all sorts, cannabis provides an extra boost to creativity… or does it? The image of a stoned genius (think Snoop D...

Added on 05 August 2019
Three times fast. We’re not sure what that triangle means - let us know if you find out.

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#marajuana news
#marijuana cannabis news
#latest medical marijuana news