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    Added on 17 December 2021

    5 Important Factors to Consider When Making a Hiring Decision

    17 December 2021

    1. Do They Display Self-confidence?

    We all get nervous in job interviews, especially if we are excited about them. But it's how we deal with this anxiety that shows our character to the employer. What makes a possible employee stick out from the rest is their will to display themselves in the best possible light. It shows motivation, confidence, and a drive to succeed. It also gives you a higher first impression of them and gives you insight into how they behave in the workplace.

    2. Does the Employee Have the Right Skill Set?

    When looking for the ideal candidate, you need to judge the person’s hard skills and soft skills. Certain personality traits are more fitting for certain positions than others as well. You will always want your future employee to have soft skills appropriate for the position. For example, having a manager with leadership qualities over a charismatic manager. A flexible engineer over a calm engineer. Of course, this is always secondary. You want to make sure that the possible employee has well-established hard skills necessary for the position.

    Typically, if you find an exceptional employee, it will be almost definitely worth it to pick them up regardless of whether you need their specific position or not. Down the road, things might change, and they might become needed. They are especially valuable if they can perform multiple roles and aren't just excellent at one thing and one thing only.

    3. Is the Employee Compatible With the Company’s Culture?

    Company culture is an often undervalued aspect in the workplace. Some experts estimate that company culture can have a larger impact on the success of a company more than a business strategy can. That is why it becomes vital to choose appropriate employees that will fit into the environment. Are people relaxed in the workplace? Are the workers fun but hard-working? Is the atmosphere always serious? Depending on the environment, it can shape how well the applicant might fit in. Another aspect to consider is how you think the new worker will affect this workplace dynamic?

    Will they actively contribute to the team’s productivity, or will they hinder the group's growth? An applicant might show promise on their CV, but if they are not a right fit for the company culture, it is better to ditch them in favour of a slightly less experienced employee who does fit in well. It will keep the cooperation and efficiency in the office high.

    4. Employee Background

    There are several things that you need to pay attention to when judging applicants:

    • Education

    One of the most obvious things to look out for is whether the applicant has a relevant degree in the field they are applying for.

    • Background

    It might be worth taking a look into the social media of the applicants to see what kind of a person they are. Don’t consider it as prying because you are taking a look at the information that is widely available to everyone. If you have doubts about a promising applicant that might be taking substances, it might prove beneficial to conduct a drug test just in case. So be prepared with a drug testing kit if such a situation arises.

    • Experience

    That is one of the most crucial aspects of an applicant's interview. The experience that they possess will show how useful they will be right off the bat and how fast they will adapt to their surroundings. It lets you see how the applicant has applied their education into practice. Any qualities you might be looking for should be analyzed with the applicant's previous jobs to see whether they have the necessary capabilities.

    • Reference Recommendations

    When possible, get in contact with the references that the applicant has shared. Get a more personal picture of the role the applicant has played in the past for previous employers. You want to know the consensus about the applicant from their previous bosses and co-workers.

    5. How Much in a Hurry are You to Find a Worker?

    This factor is tied to the external factors of the hiring process. How urgent is the need to find a worker for a specific position? If there is a sense of urgency, you will have to be less picky about the criteria of the possible worker and make a decision faster than usual. However, it is always more recommendable to take your time with the worker choice. Carefully go through the applicants and find the best fit for your company. It might cost you more in the short run, but unless you are planning on replacing the person in the following month, you will need to think carefully about how you employ.

    Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the things you can look out for when searching for a new employee. Till next time!


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