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    Reasons Why Physical Therapy Isn't Just Exercise

    When North Haven Virtual Physical Therapy therapist uses the word "exercise," they refer to two different but seemingly comparable activities. The first type of Exercise that most people think of is a therapeutic exercise that is individually recommended. Strengthening and elongating your muscles is the goal of these workouts, but they're also meant to improve your overall strength and flexibility.

    Therapeutic Activity is another option for Physical Therapists. It's all about bringing you back to doing what you've been unable to do before. Physical therapy is more than just working out, losing, or gaining weight. It's a rehabilitation prescription that's narrowly focused on a specific problem and designed to help you restore your life to normal as quickly as possible.

    Assistive Therapy
    Non-exercise techniques and treatments physical therapists provide make physical therapy more than mere Exercise. There are various ways to treat these conditions, and one of them is called Manual Therapy. This treatment involves moving joints and soft tissue (such as muscles and ligaments) using the hands, with or without instruments. For example, with manual therapy, swelling and oedema can be treated, as can pain and contraction reduction (known as trigger-point release) and passive joint mobility, especially after or pre-surgery.

    Modalities encompass a variety of additional Physical Therapy procedures. For patients, physical therapists can employ these agents to improve their functional outcomes by using thermal, electrical, sound, light, and mechanical agents.

    Physical therapists use modalities to treat various conditions, including joint and soft tissue movement, improved blood flow, or preparing for surgery.

    When most individuals think about time, they consider whether or not a particular action is time-efficient. Most people would agree that spending time with an expert in physical Exercise or stability is always a good option.