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    Added on 06 February 2019

    Things to be remembered for creating impressive signs | 219signs.com

    Marketing your business on the online platform has become a trend. But when it comes to attracting new customers, traditional methods never go out of fashion. More than 50% of small business owners think that custom signs and banners are effective in attracting new customers without spending much.

    Benefits of custom signs-

    Brand building- Use your company‚Äôs custom business signs to build your image in the market and turn your company into a brand. You will easily be able to grab the attention of your target customers.

    Investment with High Returns- Do you think that custom signs are quite expensive? This investment will give you much better returns through increased customers and sales.

    Variety in designs- Personal and cheap yard signs come with an option that you get to chose everything. You can choose the design, layout, colors, fonts and everything else that will be displayed on your sign. You can be as creative and innovative as you wish to and that too in your budget.

    Reward yourself- With investing in the right signs, you take a step ahead in enhancing your business. Custom signs are always rewarding.

    Yard signs have a lot of variations to use. Custom yard signs can be used as real estate signs, campaign signs, announcement signs, and parking signs. Personalized yard signs help in taking your outdoor advertising to the next level. Let us see some important tips to create impressive yard signs-

    Use of bright contrasting colors

    It is never advisable to use the same color for both text and background. This way your message may get lost and unread. Use dark color on light color and vice versa. Keep in mind that some people can be colorblind, so avoid using blues/greens together or yellow/greens together.

    Simplicity is the key
    Your yard sign design should be such it has just your contact details or a directional arrow. Try to be as minimal as possible. Convey more with less text. Too much text will make your yard sign design messy and chaotic.

    Avoid using logo
    The main reason to use cheap yard signs is to get more customers. If you are a new business, it will be fairly difficult for people to remember your business with your logo. So there is no point adding it in your custom yard signs. Since the space available is limited, use it more with necessary details.

    Readable fonts
    The font style should not be too much of stylish that it becomes difficult to understand what is written. The font size should be fair enough to make it easy to read and colors should be attractive.

    Use blank spaces
    Using blank or white spaces make the text readable and separates different lines.

    The main motive of your personalized yard signs is to get more clients and make them perform some action. Specify what you want them to do when they read your yard sign. For example, you might want them to call you for further details or visit your website.

    Use arrows
    If you are advertising for a nearby place, it is suggested to use arrows to give directions to the readers of your personalized signs. People who drive are mostly used to the arrows on their way. It will make it much easier for them to get to your location with the help of these simple signs. These are much comfortable than reading an address.

    Custom yard signs are waterproof, weatherproof and resistant to stains and most chemicals. 219Signs is an online custom sign company that has a variety of custom printing options like custom yard signs, vehicle lettering, custom vinyl banners and much more. We are a trusted brand among users because of our experience of more than 40 years in signs and banners.

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